On August 10, the US Senate passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that included 65 billion dollars for broadband infrastructure. These investments are the right first step to address the digital divide. Unfortunately, the broadband plan is missing an opportunity to extend funding for the FCC’s Emergency Connection Fund (ECF).

ECF helps schools and libraries provide connectivity and devices, so students and teachers can reliably use technology to support digital learning even after the pandemic ends. Last year, Congress provided a one-time, $7.17 billion appropriation to connect students and library patrons struggling to learn at home. These funds expire on July 30, 2022. The SUCCESS Act proposes that the ECF receive a total of $40 billion over five years.

Why act now?

The August 10 Senate passage was a big milestone, but ultimately the budget will need to pass in the House of Representatives as well, so the work is not done yet.

We ask that you consider contacting your congressional leaders to urge passage of the SUCCESS Act.

Actions to take today!

1. Find the websites of your two senators and representative. Send them a message through their “Contact Me” forms. You can also call their offices, as they count the number of calls they receive from constituents. Below, we have a suggested email you can send. You can also use it as a script to read when you call. Feel free to personalize!

2. Share our social posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Ask your family, friends, and neighbors to contact their legislators to urge them to pass the SUCCESS ACT.


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